Lighting Your Path

to the obscure and much more.

About Lightworks

Spirit Animal Reading & Artwork

Spirit Animals can take us to a place of understanding, personal growth, spiritual guidiance, and adventure. The animal totem is a marker to true instinct, our hidden wild. Each animal has a unique purpose for our planet to thrive. Discover your inner animal.

Intuitive Art & Tarot Readings

Intuitive artists work from deep within. My journey creating these peices is otherwordly. Each intuitive artist is unique. Through beautiful imagery, an intuitive artist can take their client on a magical adventure.
Colors, pictures, and symbols are used to create an intimate reading. A piece can be healing, uplifting, inspiratinal, grounding, or guiding. I use Tarot and one of a kind artwork for each client. Each reading and painting is created with love.



I was guided to start Tarot from a medium. I have always had a gift for the unseen. Precognitive abilities. I just know what I know. I am an empath and my readings are intuitive. I received cards as a gift and that’s all she wrote. I connect to the cards.
The artwork is so beautiful. I love the meanings, the astrology, and the story they tell. Reading cards is something I do every free moment.
My readings are guided by spirit. From the heart with light and love, and always for my clients greater good. With out darkness, there can be no illumination.